The calendar module allows you to monitor the launch dates and markdown sales of other retailers and brands. Planning how and when you will introduce new products is crucial to keep your customers engaged and guides the product newness for your website and store. The calendar allows you to view the launch dates or any sales conducted by your selected retailers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for every 12 months. 

You can set your preview period at the drop down menu on the View top filter to Last 12 months or Yearly.

The bars in the Calendar module indicates number of SKUs that are launched and discounted for the first time each month.

Analyse which months had the highest New-in launched first time discounted. This gives a quick view when exactly brands or retailers are launching their sales and the frequency of it.

What is the difference between First Discount and Ongoing Discount? 

First Discount refers to products that are discounted for the first time within the given timeline. 

Ongoing Discount refers to the continuation of discounted products from the first time it is discounted up to the date filtered. 

The colour shades determine the number of products that have been launched at a discounted price for the first time. The darker the shade, the higher the number of products launched on a discounted price for that particular week and date. 

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